Adventures in the Rift Valley: Interactive, Digital Archive of Ungulate and Carnivore Dentition, Burin from Laugerie Haute & Basse, Dordogne, France, Neanderthal Mitochondrial and Nuclear DNA. “This will be a major step in cracking global illegal wildlife trade. Citraningputri, I., Paramasivam, S. J., Sanchez, K., Prameswari, W., 2011. An extremely rare albino Sumatran slow loris has been released back into its natural habitat in Indonesia, thanks to a Sussex-based charity. Experiment your viewing experience by clicking the MENU button and turning various options on and off. Officials show Sumatran slow loris in the city of Bandar Lampung.- PHOTOGRAPH BY Ferdi Awed / Opn Images/ Barcroft Media Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images Cookies, Saving animals from suffering around the world, Nine Sumatran slow lorises rescued from illegal traffickers, (If you're a human, don't change the following field), Lime House Regency Close, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 1DS, United Kingdom. The slow loris, named Alby by his rescuers, was confiscated in August 2018 from a man in Kalianda, South Lampung in Sumatra and taken for treatment and rehabilitation to the … © International Animal Rescue | We are zoologists and conservationists fighting the illegal trade in wild animals and especially striving to protect the greater slow loris (Nycticebus coucang) and Sumatran slow loris (Nycticebus hilleriNycticebus coucang) and Sumatran slow loris (Nycticebus hilleri Delmarva peninsula fox squirrel (no longer endangered: There are three species of orangutan: Loss of habitat a loss of habitat can happen naturally. While there is a demand for these animals, we will never be able to stop wildlife trade.”. In addition to the eight species listed above, the IUCN recognizes a ninth species: the Sumatran slow loris, or Nycticebus hilleri. A Sumatran slow loris is in a cage in the city of Bandar Lampung.- PHOTOGRAPH BY Ferdi Awed / Opn Images/ Barcroft Media Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images Agus Wahyudiono, Head of the National Park, said that the TNBBS area was chosen as a release site for lorises because it is a conservation area and the slow lorises should be safe there from illegal activities. Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii) ... flowers, insects such as termites and ants, bark and, on occasion, the meat of slow loris. A “possibly unique” albino slow loris is said to be thriving back in its natural habitat after being rescued from the exotic pet trade. Characteristics Body - Lorises are nocturnal primates.The kukang (or slow loris) is the smallest of all the loris species. Little is known about the social structure of slow lorises, but they generally spend most of the night foraging alone. Two years ago, we launched a campaign asking people not to watch YouTube videos portraying slow lorises as pets because they are a protected species in all habitat countries in South East Asia. Slow Loris northern Sumatra Indonesia Poster Print by Thomas Marent (12 x 18) is a licensed reproduction that was printed on Premium Heavy Stock Paper which captures all of the vivid colors and details of the original. Tweet on Twitter. Hutapea continued: “To keep wildlife in captivity is an activity responsible for the death of many animals that won’t survive for future generations”. If you are still having trouble seeing the model, download and install this fix. They still display wild behaviour indicating that they might have been recently captured from the wild. Lime House Regency Close, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 1DS, United Kingdom, Email: [email protected] | The Sumatran Orangutan has recently experienced a population increase, which is fantastic news. In the hands of an orangutan, the slow loris may appear to be the more physically vulnerable creature, but orangutans actually face greater threats in the wild. Sumatran lorises are increasingly threatened in their natural habitats due to the illegal pet trade and habitat destruction. There are many sub-species and those in native … All Flash models are shown at relative size to one another (i.e., smaller objects appear small relative to larger objects). In the video below, Yet and her baby can be seen sharing a slow loris that the mother killed. Home ranges of adults may significantly overlap, and those of males are generally larger than those of females. In Sumatra too, they even eat meat, in the form of the slow nocturnal primate known as the Slow Loris (Nycticebus coucang). The Sumatran slow loris has become one of the 25 most endangered primates in the world due to hunting and loss of forests in Indonesia. In recent years, social network platforms have been increasingly used by wildlife smugglers for their illegal trading activities. Unlike other loris species, it remains in trees most of its life: while the Bengal slow loriswill often sleep on the ground, the Sunda slow loris sleeps in a ball in branches or foliage. Sumatran Slow Loris. International Animal Rescue found the … “Our agents have taken both the animals and perpetrators into custody,” said Khairul, Investigator of the Environment and Forestry Protection and Law Enforcement Agency, “and the suspects are liable to prosecution and will receive legal charges”. Diagnosing Renal Osteodystrophy in a Sumatran Slow Loris (Nycticebus coucang). Slow lorises have become must-have pets in the Far East after stories emerged of them enjoying being tickled. Sumatran Tiger Slow Loris Dhole Sumatran Rhino Sun Bear Helpers Sumatran Tiger. Besides birds, other wildlife one might encounter are a variety of reptiles, Colugo, Sumatran Porcupine, Slow Loris, Sun Bear, and even very rarely, Sumatran Tiger and other wildcats. The Kukang Rescue Program. Individuals sleep during the day, usually alone but occasionally with other slow lorises. (Grades 6-8), Comparison of Human and Chimp Chromosomes (Grades 9-12), Hominid Cranial Comparison: The "Skulls" Lab (Grades 9-12), Investigating Common Descent: Formulating Explanations and Models (Grades 9-12), Teaching Evolution through Human Examples, Members Thoughts on Science, Religion & Human Origins (video), Science, Religion, Evolution and Creationism: Primer, The Evolution of Religious Belief: Seeking Deep Evolutionary Roots, Laboring for Science, Laboring for Souls:  Obstacles and Approaches to Teaching and Learning Evolution in the Southeastern United States, Public Event : Religious Audiences and the Topic of Evolution: Lessons from the Classroom (video), Evolution and the Anthropocene: Science, Religion, and the Human Future, Imagining the Human Future: Ethics for the Anthropocene, I Came from Where? This baby Sumatran slow loris has little chance to survive. If Facebook cares for the creatures on our planet, they must do something to help them”. The species are classified as vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered. When a slow loris feels threatened, it raises its arms above its head and gives its two two brachial glands a lick. He said: “The illegal keeping of wildlife is also against the law and must be tackled as well.”. The nine slow lorises have been assessed and treated by our team, who were present at the seizure. An albino slow loris … Therefore, this program is highly beneficial to the survival of slow lorises. The aims of this study are to assessspace utilization and behavioral of sumatran slow loris in Pematang Siantar Zoo. Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii) ... flowers, insects such as termites and ants, bark and, on occasion, the meat of slow loris. All the documented hunts took place when there was little fruit available, which may push the apes to … Rotate the model by holding the LEFT click button and dragging with your mouse. If you go quickly enough, there’s a chance you’ll reach the beautiful blue Lake Kaco , although it’s a 3-4 hour trek of straight walking. Mean of feed intake at T0 and T1 treatment was 38.63 and 37.42 g / head / day, and that of Javan slow loris is 42.51 g / head / day. The most palatable feed types for Sumatran slow loris and Javan slow loris are banana, cricket, and meal worm. Asian Society for Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, Thailand. These mass extinctions are often prompted by the illegal wildlife trade. Police raids conducted on 20th and 21st September dismantled the illegal wildlife cyber-trade network who used Facebook to sell wildlife. ", "Shaping Humanity: How Science, Art, and Imagination Help Us Understand Our Origins" (book by John Gurche), What Does It Mean To Be Human? Their teeth are also still intact, so they can be safely released soon.”.

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